The Lazy Girl’s S-Wave – An Effortless, Tool-Free Way To Get Vintage Curls


I am not even joking.

A Mishap At Rob-Con

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be a guest at Rob-Con! It was a great time with the rest of my loves in Cosplay Kasterborous, spent happily next to our time travelling spaceship, selling awesome gear and taking turns setting lures on the Pokestop that was literally in our booth.  Among other things, Rob-con featured my very first Ponyta (!!!),  plans for a group Bob’s Burgers cosplay, and the very first time, in four years of working conventions, that I’ve ever seen a hotel breakfast bar with Little Debbies in it. 

Saturday went off without a hitch, but when we got back from dinner Saturday night, I was getting out my Agent Carter cosplay for the next day and I realized that after packing the jacket, the skirt, the shoes,  after packing the screen-accurate lipstick  and the half pound of lingere and hoisery I wear underneath it,  I had forgotten one of the most important parts.

There was not a foam roller, a curling iron, or a bobby pin in sight.


Time To Get Creative

This costume is my favorite thing I wear.

I know my value. #dragoncon #dragoncon2015 #marvel #mcu #peggycarter #thor #cosplay

Peggy was worthy. The wig was not.

Not just my favorite thing I cosplay. My Agent Carter clothes are my favorite thing in my wardrobe. There’s just something about owning something that has also been worn by Peggy Carter that makes you feel a little bit invincible and whole lot glamorous. and also like you wanna cry a little – but then again you guys know that about me after how much I flailed with joy when I got a pair of her shoes. In the last year, my  Peggy cosplay has improved and expanded, and I try not to be too hard on myself because nothing is ever perfect – but I am really picky about the hair.

The first time I wore my Peggy cosplay, I struggled with the stupid wig for the entirety of Dragon*Con. When I saw the pictures I was beyond embarrassed – it was awful! So when found out I didn’t have the tools last week, I was determined  to make sure that my hair at least looked decent.

I looked around for anything that could help me out – and all I had, as it turns out was a necktie.

  • LOOK
  • New method for curling my hair born of forgetting all my hair styling tools at home. I think it worked, yeah? #peggycartercosplay #peggycarter #cosplay #agentcartercosplay #agentcarter #marvel #mcu #mcucosplay
  • WHAT
  • Look how well it held up after a day at the con! I have been trying to get that effect for MONTHS. #vintagestyle #cosplay
  • Compared to some of my other pin curl sets, this is the best shape I’ve ever gotten out of them. And after repeating the method a couple of time, both in wet and dry sets, I’ve finally found a repeatable routine that gets pretty much the same effect every time.



You will need:

  • – a necktie
  • OR
  • – a headband
  • OR
  • – something else to tie around your head that makes you look like a ninja
  • – styling gel or mousse
  • – a hairdryer (optional)
  • – comfy pants (NOT OPTIONAL)


Step One


Take a shower or dampen your hair with water in a spray bottle.  Your hair only needs to be damp, not wet, let it air dry a bit or blot it with a towel if it’s super soaked from your shower.

After your shower, liberally apply comfy pants. Comfy pants make everything better.

Fit the necktie/headband/ninja adornment around your head, over your hair,  making sure that the bottom edge is sitting right around where you’d like the first bend in your S-wave to start.

Attempt to practice Peggy Carter Eyebrow Raise ™. Realize you are just making constipated face into camera and move on to Step 2.

Step Two

IMG_2075Separate your hair into a one-inch section, like this. Flop it in your face like you used to do when you were in your Panic! At the Disco phase. Duck lips optional.




Step Three


Pull that one-inch section up and wrap it around your headband.  Wrap it only once, and let the tail hang down as shown in the picture.





Step Four

IMG_2078Take the tail from the first section, and combine it with a second one-inch section, and bring that up, wrapping it around the headband.




Step Five

IMG_2091 Continue around both sides, until all your hair is wrapped up in the headband.

You’ve got a few options here, now. If it’s nighttime, you can simply tie a scarf around it and go to bed. If it’s morning time, all you have to do is neaten it up a little, and the rolled up style is perfectly acceptable to wear during the day, and your curls will be ready by nighttime.

If you’re in a hurry, you can dry them with a hairdryer.

No matter what you do, don’t forget to salute your Chorus Girl Cap poster in the background.



Step Six

IMG_2124When you unroll the hair down from the headband, you’ll get big, loopy curls like this.  From here, you just brush them out and shape them  like you would regular pin curls. Brush them out against the palm of your hand to shape them.

Eventually I’ll make a video demonstrating this, but for now you can look up “pin curl brush out” on YouTube to find any number of videos that will demonstrate the technique for you. Basically, your goal is to get all the twisty bits to in the same way, creating a wave.

WARNINGAt some point you will run a brush through your curls, see an awful mess, and think DEAR SWEET JELLY BABIES WHAT HAVE I DONE THIS IS TERRIBLE AND MADE OF SPIDERS.

It is not.  Keep brushing, and shaping, and it will get better.

Finish off with some lipstick red like the blood of your enemies and perhaps a fabulous hat, and you’re good to go.  Here are a few examples from different sets I’ve done.


IMG_2022 IMG_2031

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  1. Thanks for this – I am SO lazy and never had any idea how to do it. My hair might be a bit long for it to work, but it looks easy enough that I’m sure I won’t lose out by trying.

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