5 Vintage-Inspired Instagram Accounts You Need On Your Feed


The Satin Dollz are an LA-based vintage act, and their girls are always dressed head to toe in matching vintage! They sing, tap-dance, and perform various shows in 1940s and 50s style, and always dressed like a dream! These girls remind me to keep a little glamor in the everyday.  I <3 the Satin Dollz, and you should definitely check them out!

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A pin-up girl instagram, featuring girls who dress in more traditional pin-up-fashion.  I love this one because a lot of the times in vintage, what you find mainly is rockabilly, which is cool, I love the girls that do rockabilly, but it’s often full of skulls and tattoos and other things that are not so much my style. This instagram is just pure vintage-style pin-ups, without the modern twist.



My absolute favorite makeup brand! Besame makes vintage reproduction makeup, and often includes stunning pictures of both it’s customers and the Old Hollywood starlets the makeup is inspired by.



Vivien of Holloway is a Vintage-style clothier based out of London. They frequently post pictures of models and customers wearing their gorgeous vintage-reproduction clothing. Some of these pieces are at the top of my Christmas list!



Oh, my goodness! I thought I knew a little bit about vintage hairstyling until I followed this instagram. Every day, this vintage hairstyling salon posts breathtaking pictures of the vintage curls they whip into shape. #itsallabout0thebrushout!



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