Cosplay Gallery – Peggy Carter

Check out these pictures of me as Agent Peggy Carter of the Strategic Scientific Reserve from Captain America: The First Avenger and Agent Carter. I’ve only been wearing this cosplay for about a year, whereas I’ve been River for four years, so all I’ve got so far are Instagram pictures – but I’ve got plans to get professional Peggy […]

What is a pin up girl?

  Cute, isn’t she? If you’re into vintage style – or even just doing some exploratory googling on the subject – you won’t be able to turn a proverbial corner without hitting an online dress shop that sells a “pin up dress” or “pin up girl fashion”  that, if you’re like me, you drool over […]


1. I work at home, which means I can sleep as much as I need to and not go to work every day like some sort of sleep-deprived zombie. Bonus points if work includes sewing a lot and going to conventions sometimes. 2. I have a house. It is cute, and also contains a cute […]