100 Things To Do In 2017

So, this year I’m starting a new tradition. For years I’ve been eyeing the Shining Year workbooks by Leonie Dawson, and this year I bit the bullet and bought the Life Workbook! There is so much I want to get done this year, both with this blog, and it’s only gonna get done with some careful planning.

One of the things in the workbooks is to write down 100 things you want to do in 2017, and I thought I’d share my list with you!

100 Things To Do In 2017

  1. Visit Jen! (a dear friend who lives far away!)
  2. reread the Time Quintet
  3. reread The Mists of Avalon
  4. read Brubaker’s Winter Soldier
  5. read Amy Poehler’s book
  6. read Girl Boss
  7. read Wishful Drinking
  8. read a book every week
  9. make life + biz vision boards
  10. write an “Ultimate Guide” blog post
  11. write a song
  12. write The Big Book of Cosplay Poses
  13. send a care package
  14. make a cosplay music video
  15. learn swing dancing
  16. buy a car
  17. hang out with new friends more
  18. send a care package
  19. write an anonymous letter of encouragement
  20. pay off credit card debt
  21. paint a watercolor
  22. make a “Wheel of Mythicality” video!
  23. find a mentor
  24. buy something with a unicorn on it
  25. host a livestream
  26. make a pincurl brushout video
  27. get a manicure and a pedicure
  28. write an ebook
  29. visit Tybee
  30. visit New York
  31. visit Disney
  32. visit Highlands, NC
  33. complete Couch to 5K
  34. win NaNoWriMo
  35. design an ecourse
  36. buy someone a gift for no reason
  37. buy a blender and drink smoothies
  38. drink spearmint tea daily
  39. make a themed playlist
  40. cosplay Captain Carter
  41. cosplay Mara Jade
  42. cosplay Black Widow
  43. cosplay Wes Janson
  44. cosplay the Agent Carter gold dress
  45. cosplay the Valediction dress again – remake dress!
  46. sew through at least three of my vintage patterns
  47. start an etsy store
  48. take an online film class
  49. make a short fanfilm
  50. (for Em’s eyes only-37)
  51. have a professional pinup photoshoot
  52. have an imdb page
  53. make a terrarium
  54. create a language
  55. buy a Wacom tablet
  56. save $1000
  57. write a guest post
  58. collab with someone on YouTube
  59. have a The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings marathon
  60. (for Em’s eyes only – 55)
  61. write/draw a comic
  62. go to a waterpark
  63. start a podcast
  64. write a children’s book
  65. make a retro bathing suit
  66. buy a new dress form
  68. submit a story to a magazine
  69. (for Em’s eyes only – 68)
  70. get a massage
  71. make my bed comfy with new comforter and mattress pad
  72. run a 5K
  73. start a superhero run here in Dalton
  74. host a contest
  75. get a new apartment
  76. have monthly movie dates
  77. do 107 one-armed pushups
  78. host a dinner!
  79. throw a SUPER AWESOME, completely lovely Christmas party
  80. try archery
  81. make/can some apple butter
  82. create a sacred space
  83. go to a con just for me
  84. take a ballet class
  85. make a gingerbread house
  86. be in a parade
  87. do karaoke!
  88. do cardio every day
  89. go on a date
  90. pin curl from a diagram
  91. buy a DSLR camera
  92. go to a play
  93. design and sew a ballgown
  94. draw JJ and Rachel
  95. plant a victory garden
  96. eat WW2 ration recipes for 1 month
  97. buy a PUG dress
  98. complete a month-long instagram challenge
  99. buy the Peggy leather jacket
  100. finish FA website
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